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7th Jun 2020

All Your Total War Are Belong To Us, Playing Kerbal While Watching a Space X Launch, and a Look at EA's Track Record of Destruction

This week Brett and Walker discover that similar to determining the number of licks required to reach the center of a tootsie pop, there is no way to quantify how may Total War games are too many. Brett shares a wonderful immersive experience he had playing Kerbal Space Program while simultaneously watching the recent Space X launch. The original Command & Conquer games are remastered and released from EA, which warrants a look at the ways in which EA has annihilated the quality of long standing franchises again and again including but not limited to Command & Conquer, Madden, Warhammer Online, and many others.

Episode notes:

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Pick Up Your Sticks is a podcast about why gaming matters. Join hosts Brett Lindley and Walker Neer as they explore a wide variety of topics in gaming including favorite developers, growing up in gaming, gaming culture's influence on the world, and more.